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An effective tool for corporate property management as it provides a dynamic and engaging way to communicate with tenants, employees, and visitors.



ScreenTym is a Digital Signage platform that allows businesses to display real-time information, advertisements, and other types of content on digital screens. In the Hospitality & Property Management industry, Digital Signage can be a powerful tool for enhancing guest experiences and communicating important information.

Key Points

Emergency Alerts and Notifications

To provide emergency alerts and notifications to visitors and residents Digital displays can be used. It can be used to share important messages.

Promotions and Advertising

For promoting properties, amenities and services available such as fitness centres, restaurants, or retail shops. Digital display can also be used to advertise any upcoming events, sales, or promotions.

Real-Time Data and Updates

Digital signage can display real-time data and updates, such as weather reports, news feeds, or traffic updates.

Key Benefits And Some Statistics

The use of ScreenTym had several key benefits for the hotel, including

Some statistics from the hotel’s use of ScreenTym include:


Increased engagement

Guests were more likely to engage with digital screens than traditional signage, leading to increased brand awareness and customer loyalty.


Real-time updates

The hotel was able to display real-time information, such as updated event schedules and weather reports, which helped guests plan their activities more efficiently.



Digital Signage is more cost-effective than traditional signage in the long run, as it allows businesses to update their content easily and quickly without incurring additional printing or labor costs.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is becoming increasingly popular in the Hospitality & Property Management industry. By using digital screens strategically, businesses can display relevant information in real-time, such as event schedules, their customer’s feedback, promotional messages, menus, and other important updates.


One example of the successful implementation of ScreenTym in the Hospitality & Property Management industry is a luxury hotel that wanted to enhance the guest experience by providing relevant and useful information through Digital Signage. They installed digital screens in the lobby, elevators, and other key areas of the hotel, and used ScreenTym to display real-time information, promotions, news updates, sports, and other content.


Overall, the hotel’s use of ScreenTym resulted in a more engaging and streamlined guest experience. By providing relevant and useful information through digital screens, the hotel was able to increase sales and customer satisfaction, while also reducing costs associated with traditional signage. The use of ScreenTym in the Hospitality & Property Management industry has proven to be a valuable tool for enhancing the guest experience and improving business outcomes.

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