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ScreenTym is a leading Digital Signage provider that helps businesses to deliver real-time information, advertisements, and other types of content through digital screens. One of the industries that have been greatly impacted by the rise of Digital Signage is the retail industry. In this case study, we will look at how ScreenTym helped a retail company to implement Digital Signage and the resulting benefits.

Key Points

Product Displays

Digital screens were placed near product displays to provide customers with more information about the products, such as product features, pricing, and availability.


Digital Signage was used to display promotions, discounts, and special offers to customers.


Digital screens were placed strategically in the stores to help customers navigate and find the products they were looking for.

Key Benefits And Some Statistics

The implementation of Digital Signage had several benefits for the retail company, including:

According to a study by Digital Signage Today, retailers who used Digital Signage reported a 40% increase in sales. Additionally, 32% of shoppers said that Digital Signage would make them more likely to visit a store again.


Increased customer engagement

Customers were more engaged with the products and promotions displayed on the digital screens, leading to increased sales.


Improved customer experience

The digital screens provided customers with more information about the products, making the shopping experience more enjoyable.


Consistent branding

The implementation of Digital Signage helped the retail company to create a consistent customer experience across all their stores.



Digital Signage was a cost-effective solution for the retail company, as it allowed them to update content quickly and easily.

Digital Signage

The retail industry is highly competitive, and businesses are always looking for ways to attract and retain customers. Digital Signage has become a popular tool for retailers to engage customers, provide product information, and promote sales. Digital Signage can be used to display product videos, promotions, and other relevant content to shoppers.


A retail company that specializes in clothing and accessories approached ScreenTym to implement Digital Signage in their stores. The company had several stores in different locations and wanted to create a consistent customer experience across all its stores. The team at ScreenTym worked closely with the retail company to understand their requirements and develop a customized solution.


The implementation of Digital Signage using ScreenTym helped the retail company to achieve its goals of providing a consistent customer experience and increasing sales. The company reported an increase in sales of 25% in the first quarter after implementing Digital Signage. The company also received positive feedback from customers about the digital screens, with many customers stating that they found them informative and helpful. Overall, the implementation of Digital Signage using ScreenTym was a success for the retail company.

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