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Digital Signage can enhance the member experience, increase engagement, and ultimately contribute to the success of fitness centers.



ScreenTym is a cloud-based Digital Signage platform that provides real-time information, advertisements, and other types of content on digital screens. The platform is designed to help businesses engage with their customers and enhance their overall experience. This case study will focus on the implementation of ScreenTym in the fitness centers industry.

Key Points

Class Schedules and Updates

Digital signage can display schedules and updates for fitness classes, making it easier for members to keep track of their favourite classes and any changes or cancellations.

Promotions and Advertising

Fitness centres can use digital signage to promote their services and amenities, such as personal training and nutritional counselling.

Workout and Progress

Digital signage can be used to display workout tracking, display workout tips and exercise demonstrations, and progress information.

Health and Wellness Tips

Digital signage can display health and wellness tips and advice to members, such as healthy eating tips, stress management techniques, or workout tips.

Social Media Feeds

Fitness centers can show posts and updates from their social media accounts. This can encourage them to engage with the fitness center.

Motivational Content

Fitness centers can use digital signage to display motivational content, such as inspirational quotes or images, to encourage members to stay focused and motivated during their workouts.

Key Benefits And Some Statistics

The implementation of ScreenTym in the fitness centers resulted in several benefits, such as:

The fitness center chain saw a significant increase in member engagement after implementing ScreenTym. The average viewing time for the digital screens increased by 30%, and the number of members attending fitness classes and personal training sessions increased by 25%. The chain also saw a 20% increase in revenue through advertising partnerships with local businesses.


Increased customer engagement

Increased member engagement and satisfaction


Higher attendance

Higher attendance in fitness classes and personal training sessions



Improved communication with members



Enhanced brand awareness and loyalty & Increased revenue through advertising partnerships

Digital Signage

Fitness centers are increasingly using Digital Signage to communicate with their members. With the help of ScreenTym, fitness centers can display information about their services, promotions, schedules, and events. Digital Signage is also used to motivate members during their workouts by displaying inspirational quotes, videos, and images.


A fitness center chain with several locations across the country implemented ScreenTym in its facilities. The implementation process involved installing digital screens in different areas of the gym, such as the entrance, lobby, and workout areas. The ScreenTym platform was then used to create and display customized content for each location.


ScreenTym has helped the fitness center chain to improve its member experience and increase revenue. The customized content displayed on digital screens has motivated members during their workouts, encouraged them to attend fitness classes and personal training sessions, and provided them with valuable information about nutrition and wellness. The chain plans to expand its use of ScreenTym to other locations and explore new use cases for the platform.

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