Digital Display As a Media Product

With our exclusive solutions, you can manage your content and digital signs more easily.

Start With Just ONE TAP

With the use of free screen layout designs, widgets, photos, and videos, you can instantly make your content stand out.

Easy account setups

Sign up for free on ScreenTym with just your few details and you are done with Account setups. You don’t need to be tech competent, we promise!

Screen Layouts and Templates

Configure your screen layout to your exact specification. With our free, expertly crafted screen layout templates, you can display your media easily. You can apply your own logo because they are customizable!

Free Widget

Add our Top-of-The-Line Widgets to your screen and make them more interactive.

Multi-layout Display

Create n-numbers of layouts to display user-engaging content.

Display Your Media On The Screens

Use the power of media to make your message stand out. You can also easily display images, web pages, YouTube videos, and other media content along with Audio.

Images, Videos, and Audios

Just drag and drop files onto your screen to display photos, videos, and audio files. Use our Gallery to access thousands of free images and videos.

Web Pages

Display web pages from internet services or business networks without a hassle.

Custom Playlist

Create your playlists using your favorite media – including images, videos, web pages, and youtube links– with a simple drag & drop.

Playlist sequencing

With easy drag & drop you can prioritize your content and can easily change the sequence.

Effortless management and scheduling

Create schedules for various screens quickly. Easily monitor and manage thousands of screens remotely with just a few clicks.

Smart Scheduling

Tailor content dynamically based on hours or days to engage specific customer segments. Effortlessly modify schedules as needed. Plan ahead seamlessly for the desired duration.

Control Screens Remotely

Effortlessly oversee every aspect, from your content to your Screens directly through the online Portal. Seamlessly upload, update, and showcase new content from a remote location.

Automated Upgrades & Remote Assistance

Experience seamless software upgrades with automatic updates over the internet, ensuring you receive new features effortlessly.

All Set To Unlock The Power Of Your Screens

Discover the Transformative Potential of ScreenTym for Your Organization with Our FREE plan.