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Popular way for corporate offices to communicate with employees, visitors, and customers.



Corporate offices are constantly seeking ways to improve communication and engagement with their employees and potential clients. One effective solution is Digital Signage. ScreenTym offers digital screens that deliver real-time information, advertisements, and other types of content. In this case study, we explore how ScreenTym has helped corporate offices improve communication and engagement and create a better work environment.

Key Points

Employee Communication

Companies use Digital Signage to communicate with their employees on everything from company news to health and safety updates.

Visitor Communication

Digital Signage is also used to communicate with visitors about the company and its products or services.


Digital Signage is used to promote products or services to employees and visitors.

Key Benefits And Some Statistics

The use of ScreenTym’s Digital Signage has several benefits for corporate offices, including

According to a survey conducted by Digital Signage Today, 63% of respondents agreed that Digital Signage catches their attention better than traditional media. Additionally, a study by Intel found that Digital Signage can increase sales by up to 33%.


Improved communication

Digital Signage helps companies communicate with their employees and visitors in a more engaging and effective way.



Digital Signage is a cost-effective way to communicate with employees and visitors, especially when compared to traditional print methods.



Companies can customize their content to fit their specific needs, whether it’s promoting products or services or communicating company news.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage is becoming an increasingly popular tool in corporate offices. Companies use Digital Signage to display important information to their employees in an engaging and visually appealing manner from company news and announcements to upcoming events and schedules. Digital Signage also helps companies promote their brand, products, and services to employees, potential clients, and visitors.


A corporate office with multiple floors and buildings found it challenging to communicate with its employees and visitors. They implemented ScreenTym’s digital screens in their common areas, lobbies, and conference rooms. ScreenTym provided the hardware and software needed to run the screens and also provided customizable content with multiple layouts. Images and videos are great storytelling devices that can show customers what your company is about. The content displayed on the screens included company news, upcoming events, employee recognition, and promotional material.


Since implementing ScreenTym’s Digital Signage, the corporate office has seen an improvement in communication and engagement with both employees and visitors. The screens have been used to promote company events and products, as well as to communicate important health and safety updates. The company has also seen an increase in employee morale and productivity. The use of Digital Signage has proven to be an effective tool for corporate offices to improve communication and engagement with employees and visitors alike.

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